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Yes, the Fitbit for Android app icon is smaller

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While we wait for the big Material You app redesign announced last week, Fitbit for Android has ever so slightly tweaked its app icon to be smaller.

Version 3.87 is widely rolling out, and the big change is a smaller Fitbit logo. The white dots that comprise the logo have all shrunk and are farther away from the perimeter. As such, it’s like you have a turquoise ring around the diamond. 

This change seems counterintuitive since it’s now even harder to pick up the design nuance. The circles expand in size from left to right to evoke an arrow and movement. It was already hard to notice that before today, and this change makes it more difficult.

There’s no change to the themed icon, though the shrink actually brings the full logo more inline with the Material You-themed version, which could be the point of this update. 

We’re not seeing this smaller icon reflected anywhere else, like on iOS, so we’ll have to wait and see if this is an intentional change to the brand. 

At this point, it’s clear that Google is keeping the Fitbit logo, with enough time having passed since the acquisition. It has a positive connotation and is fairly iconic. 

Meanwhile, I’ve long believed that the Fitbit and Google Podcasts logos are too similar with the status bar notification icons being particularly easy to confuse. The latter service could very well fade out as YouTube Podcasts grows. If Google Podcasts ever went away, I’d argue the Fitbit logo should adopt four color dots to become a bit more Google-y. However, again, this would be a very subtle change given how small it already is.

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