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Wacom launches four, affordable drawing tablets with the aspiring artist in mind

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Wacom is back with four new mid-range drawing tablets for fledgling digital artists: the One S, One M, One 12, and the One 13 touch. The first two are your traditional pen tablets while the others feature a screen similar to an iPad.

Measuring 152 x 95mm (6 x 3.7 inches), the Wacom One S is your quintessential entry-level device. It features 4K pressure sensitivity, meaning the tablet can tell, with a high degree of accuracy, if you’re drawing a thick or thin line by the amount of force you’re using. The company states the model recognizes “natural tilt” so you can hold your stylus at an angle to achieve certain effects. Speaking of styluses, the One S comes with a pen sporting two programmable buttons for assigning keyboard shortcuts. You can connect the tablet to your computer via Bluetooth, but if you prefer a wired connection, the package does come with a USB-C cable.

Drawing on Wacom One S

(Image credit: Wacom)

The Wacom One M is essentially the same thing as the One S; albeit bigger, measuring 216 x 135mm (8.5 x 5.3 inches). They’re both paper thin, clocking in at 7.9mm (less than an inch) thick.

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