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“Signs You’re In Your 40s” Was Trending On Twitter, And It’s Kind Of Killing Me How Accurate These 34 Tweets Are About It

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“#SignsYoureInYour40s” was trending the other week on Twitter aka X.


β€” Steve Harvey (@IAmSteveHarvey)

Because there’s nothing more geriatric millennials and Gen X love than feeling old, here are the best tweets about it…


You already know about AI and his name is Clippy

β€” Scott my cup of tea (@scottinthe503)


You Jeevesed before you Googled

β€” Elizabeth πŸ’™πŸ’› (@chaos1674)


This is how you “Googled” something in your teens

β€” Hashtag Tavern, Inc.🍻 (@HashtagTavern)


A hard sneeze has unintended consequences..

β€” Crusty Is Risen (yet again) πŸŽŒπŸ£πŸ¦‚ (@WTFinSoCal)



You know the agony of juuuuuust missing the channel you were looking for, so you had to wait for it to scroll around again.

β€” Peggy G (@PeggyBball)


When your in the supermarket and you realize the music that’s playing was the same music at your Junior High homecoming dance LOL

β€” Pittsburgh πŸ™ƒ (@Shea1105)


The cashier asks for ID for age restricted items and laughs

β€” Paul Sullivan (@PSully68)


Your social media feed is filled with pictures of your friends’ kids and their latest achievements.

β€” Lamp_200 (@200_lamp)

Twitter: @200_lamp


You remember when smog was a California thing, not from Canada

β€” Dan Gerous, Inc.🐷🍻 (@Anythingpork)

Twitter: @Anythingpork


You remember when these were fire..

β€” Genae Babb (@msgenae)

Twitter: @msgenae


A teacher once told you “you won’t always have a calculator in your pocket”

β€” Karen McGlamery (@KMcglam75) July 1, 2023

Twitter: @KMcglam75


You watched MTV when it actually showed music videos

β€” Karen McGlamery (@KMcglam75)



Only another 25 years til that mortgage is paid off.

β€” B. R. Nekked selflessly (@BRNekked42) June 30, 2023

Twitter: @BRNekked42


As a child, YOU were the TV remote

β€” Karen McGlamery (@KMcglam75)


Hangovers have become an all-day affair instead of a quick recovery

β€” Lamp_200 (@200_lamp) July 1, 2023


β€” Erin Lee (@fundirector) July 1, 2023

Twitter: @fundirector


you wake up injured and dont know why

β€” A. Generous (@QuinnArthur88) July 1, 2023

Twitter: @QuinnArthur88


You called popcorn to get the time, on a rotary dial phone

β€” Dick 7 Powell 🍸 (@DicknSebastopol) July 1, 2023

Twitter: @DicknSebastopol


If you remember when Bart Simpson & Al Bundy were the dirtiest thing you could watch before Cinemax became Skin-emax

β€” Anthony Crawford (@CrawfordComedy) July 1, 2023

MTV/ Twitter: @CrawfordComedy


When talking about directions I always say “Let me Mapquest it.”

β€” Lee (@OverItAllAnyway)

Twitter: @OverItAllAnyway


you downloaded music and movies and had to wait hours for it to download from sites!!!!

β€” Classybitch1982 (@queenpisces1982)

Paramount Pictures/ Twitter: @queenpisces1982


You know why printer paper had holes

β€” Genae Babb (@msgenae) July 1, 2023

Twitter: @msgenae


You’ve used one of these..

β€” Crusty Is Risen (yet again) πŸŽŒπŸ£πŸ¦‚ (@WTFinSoCal) June 30, 2023

Fuali via Getty/


You can answer this riddle

β€” ꧁༺  ΚΚŠΚŸΙ¨Ι›  ༻꧂ (@juliecornewell)

Twitter: @juliecornewell


You injure yourself for a week because you slept the wrong way

β€” Louise (@weezie2243)

Twitter: @weezie2243


You printed greeting cards and birthday banners with a dot-matrix printer at school

β€” Melisa Sedai 🌻 #WOT ⚜ #MTFBWY (@mariabronn75) July 1, 2023

Twitter: @mariabronn75


you wake up 2 to 4 times a night to pee

β€” Nelle Lee (@RaynelleLee) July 1, 2023

Twitter: @RaynelleLee


Welcome to your 40s…. Here’s some Ibuprofen for when you hurt your back during sleep

β€” bwahahaha (@lauraGenX74) July 1, 2023

Twitter: @lauraGenX74


40 or older You hear this sound

β€” cyberjobmentor (@cyberjobmentor) July 1, 2023

AOL/ Twitter: @cyberjobmentor


I remember actually saying β€œpage me”

β€” Steven C Miller (@stevencmiller) July 1, 2023

Twitter: @stevencmiller


you played this game, hoping you go your dream guy

β€” RIP Marshmallow 🌈 (@Jaded_Chinx) July 1, 2023

Twitter: @Jaded_Chinx


The original text message language

β€” Blocked by Big Ed The Mucinex Snot🦠 (@oucrimsongirl) July 1, 2023

Twitter: @oucrimsongirl


You know what this is for…

β€” Orthoterminator (@orthoterminator) July 1, 2023

Twitter: @orthoterminator

34. And last but not least…

Everything hurts

β€” Keni Thacker aka GROWTH (@KeniThacker) July 1, 2023

Twitter: @KeniThacker

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