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Quad Nvidia RTX 6000-based workstations finally go mainstream

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Update: Nvidia responded to our request for information shortly after that article was published. The headline has been updated to reflect the following, additional details from the company

“The keynote was referring to the fact that these 4x RTX 6000-based workstations are now widely available from OEM workstation vendors.  Many of the vendors announced new workstations in the spring, coinciding with the Intel workstation CPU launch and are now just making the highest end, quad-GPU configurations with the RTX 6000 available.  Combining these latest high-end configurations with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise or NVIDIA AI Enterprise software stacks, delivers new levels of performance and capabilities to enterprise customers. Intel announced new Xeon W processors for workstations, shortly after, the major OEM workstation vendors announced new platforms based on these new CPUs, the web page is focused on these new products.  If/when AMD launches new processors and OEM partners announce new designs, NVIDIA will support these as well, as we have done in the past, i.e., the Lenovo ThinkStation P620 (available for over a year), which exclusively features AMD CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs.  So this is not a dig at AMD, just highlighting the technology available in the latest generation of workstations from our OEM partners.”

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