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Home Motors GM to expand vehicle-to-home (V2H) bi-directional charging capabilities to all Ultium-based EVs

GM to expand vehicle-to-home (V2H) bi-directional charging capabilities to all Ultium-based EVs

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Just over a month after unveiling its lineup of Ultium Home energy management bundles, GM has shared new details, pertaining specifically to vehicle-to-home (V2H) charging capabilities, and how that technology will affect its EV lineup going forward. Soon, all GM EV’s on the Ultium platform will come equipped with bidirectional charging capabilities. Here’s the latest.

Despite a somewhat concerning lack of new deliveries to market, GM has continued to expand the number of all-electric models in development and has established several new business entities to support its head first dive into electrification, bolstered by large investments in the billions.

After announcing an initial expansion of its Ultium Charge 360 network, GM announced it would be restructured under a new entity called GM Energy – consisting of both home and commercial charging products that will offer the potential for future capabilities like V2H, virtual power plants, and even vehicle-to-grid (V2G).

At that time, GM told the media it had already begun piloting V2H with PG&E in California, allowing for bi-directional charging and the ability to power a home using an EV’s stored energy. Following initial success, both companies shared intentions to expand to a subset of residential PG&E customers this year.

Today, we’ve learned that all future GM EV customers will be able to take advantage of the energy management benefits that come with V2H bi-directional charging… some just may have to wait a few years.

GM Energy

GM will expand V2H to all Ultium EVs by 2026

According to a release from GM this morning, the automaker has decided to roll out V2H capabilities to all of its incoming EV models, in addition to those already promised. Here’s where the EV lineup promising the technology currently sits:

According to GM, all new EVs based upon the Ultium platform will feature bi-directional charging by model year 2026, so expect additional models beyond those above to also come equipped with the ability to power your home. GM Energy vice president Wade Sheffer elaborated on the expansion of the automaker’s tech portfolio to expedite a new age in how consumers manage their energy usage:

GM Energy’s growing ecosystem of energy management solutions will help accelerate GM’s vision of an all-electric future, by further expanding access to even more benefits that EV’s can offer. By integrating V2H across our entire Ultium-based portfolio, we are making this groundbreaking technology available to more consumers, with benefits that extend well beyond the vehicle itself, and at broader at scale than ever before.

GM states its expanded V2H access will be supported by the rollout of the Ultium Home bundles previously announced, although we still do not know how much this technology is going to cost homeowners. GM says that additional details of expanded V2H technology and the specific timings of its rollout to the models mentioned above will be revealed at a later date.

In the meantime, check out GM’s latest sizzle reel showing off some of the incoming capabilities of its Ultium EVs, including a shadowy peek at the aforementioned Escalade IQ.

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