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Addmotor launches new lower-cost electric trike, taking aim at popular Lectric XP Trike

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Electric bicycle manufacturer Addmotor is back with a new electric trike design that significantly undercuts the company’s previous three-wheeler. The newly released CityTri E-310 trike may look familiar, though, as the design seems strikingly similar to the massively popular Lectric XP Trike.

The last time we got our hands on a trike from Addmotor was our review of the $2,999 Addmotor M-340. Now, the company’s CityTri E-310 trike is preparing to debut at a grand less when it rolls out next month at just $1,999.

The folding electric trike is a much smaller format than the previous Addmotor e-trike we tested, yet carries some of the same higher performance specs.

The top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) will be a welcome relief to those riders who feel shortchanged by the slower 14 mph (22 km/h) speed limit of major trikes like the Lectric XP Trike or RadTrike, though that same speed and power could result in a few earlier-than-expected hip replacements if riders aren’t careful in the turns.

That higher speed is possible thanks to a higher-power 750W hub motor mounted in a midmotor setup, similar to the Lectric XP Trike’s drivetrain. The motor takes the place of a jackshaft on the rear of the trike, offering a more centralized weight balance and allowing the use of a rear differential to provide two-wheel drive.

The 20Ah battery offers 960Wh of capacity, which Addmotor claims will provide up to 90 miles (145 km) of range.

Addmotor claims the battery is UL-listed, though it appears they mean that the Samsung cells in the battery are UL-listed, which isn’t quite the same thing.

The trike has a rarely-seen mullet wheel setup with a larger front tire than the rear tires. There are actually two models available, with the major difference being wheel size. The larger of the two sports a 20-inch front tire and 18-inch rear tires. The smaller version opts for an 18-inch front tire and 16-inch rear tires.

Triple disc brakes help bring the trike to a stop at a red light, and a set of turn signals theoretically let drivers know which way you’re headed before you make it to the light. Other features include a fender set, parking brake, front suspension, a horn, and a bell. The bike also comes in five color options, compared to most e-trikes that only offer riders a single color.

The CityTri E-310 is currently on pre-order and is being offered with included accessories like baskets, mirrors and an air pump as part of the presale promotion.

Electrek’s Take

It looks like a nice e-trike, and Addmotor has been a solid brand based on all of our own testing so far across several models.

But it’s hard to shake the fact that this looks very much like a Lectric XP trike, though with a different downtube.

It has more power, speed and battery than its competitors, like the Lectric XP trike, but it lacks the hydraulic brakes and comes in at $500 more expensive.

Even so, I can see Addmotor having some decent success with this model, as its lower center of gravity from smaller diameter wheels as well as its higher performance will likely make it popular with those seeking more performance.

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